How to String Pearls

There are numerous  ways to string pearls. Stringing pearls is a necessity for anyone involved in the making of jewellery or for yourself as a hobbyist! Before starting to have a go, we recommend that you attend our pearl stringing workshop. Remember – be patient, it is a skill to learn and takes a while to master. It is very therapeutic and once you learn it provides a great deal of satisfaction.

Buying Tools and Materials for Pearl Stringing

There are some tools and materials  you may wish to buy depending on which method you learn:

Pearl-knotting tool, French wire or gimp, flush cutters, fine shears, scissors, tweezers, carded silk cord with needle, clasp, lighter, clear nail polish or glue, pearls.


  1. Any type of pearl can be used, as long as they are not so small that they might break during the stringing process.
  2. Silks for stringing are available in a wide array of colours. When matching silk diameter to the pearl, a good rule of thumb applies as follows: the thread number should roughly correspond to the pearl diameter. For example, No 6 thread can be used with a 6 mm pearl, but also No 5 or 7 thread is also a good size. Check by sliding the pearl on to the thread- there should be a slight resistance without too much force needed to pass it along the silk.
  3. Pearl-knotting tools are easy to use and can do the work of the traditional awl & tweezers method, giving you consistent, tight knots in a fraction of the time. With some practice, you’ll find your own speed, rhythm and technique you prefer.


Pearl Stringing Workshop

Our Pearl stringing workshop provides the ideal opportunity to learn a knotting technique under the supervision of course tutor Susan from Ping Ping Jewellery.  The Course lasts 3.5 hours and begins with Susan giving a demonstration of how to string pearls. There will then be a short break with tea and coffee and then you have ago yourself. Susan will be there to offer advice and assistance. All equipment and pearls are provided in the cost of the workshop. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to purchase loose pearls.



Pearl Stringing/Knotting Workshop

When : TBC

Where: Gem A Head Office, Ely Place, London

Cost: £100 for members and £130 for non members (this includes all equipment and pearls)

Course Tutor: Susan from Ping Ping Jewellery

NB The cost includes all equipment and pearls and silver clasp.

There will be a short tea and coffee break (included).

If you are unable to attend one of our pearl stringing/knotting workshops, the next best thing is to watch the video below. It is much easier to learn via watching someone than by explaining in a step by step guide.

Watch the video below and learn from  Wendy Graham, Managing Director of Pearlescence. She really makes it look easy! Wendy shows you one method using only silk, glue and a needle.




Caring for Your Pearls

We recommend to restring your pearls every year as this will prolong their life and  to keep them looking their best.

Three reasons to knot between each pearl:

1. pearls are delicate and knotting prevents the pearls from rubbing together and causing damage to the nacre.

2.if your string of pearls breaks then only one of the pearls will fall.

3. It achieves a lovely flexibility and movement for your pearl string.


Places are limited and this course is very popular. If you wish to enrol on the pearl stringing workshop please get in touch on